Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knox County Clerk Appointment

Commissioner Mark Harmon nominated Billy Tindell. Commissioner Tony Norman nominated George Stooksbury. Commissioner R. Larry Smith nominated Carol Ellis. Interim Chairman Strickland asked if there were nominations from the audience. Clerk candidate Amy Henley Vandergriff was headed to the podium and Commissioner Scott Moore asked that he change his pass to a nomination for Amy Henley Vandergriff.

Another citizen nominated Michael LeSeur. He approached the podium and declined. Each candidate spoke. In a Brian's Blog exclusive, we were given Amy Henley Vandergriff's speech and will be posting it as a separate post.

In the first vote Tindell 3, Vandergriff 2, Stooksbury 3 and Ellis 2. Commissioner Lambert passed. As Vandergriff and Ellis each had 2, no name was dropped and a second vote was held. Commissioner Lambert voted for Vandergriff on the second vote. The totals were Tindell 3, Vandergriff 3, Stooksbury 3 and Ellis 2. Ellis was dropped and a third vote was held. On the third ballot Tindell 4, Vandergriff 2, Stooksbury 4 and Commissioner Lambert passed. Vandergriff was dropped and the final vote occurred. The totals were Tindell 5 and Stooksbury 6. Stooksbury was selected.

On the third ballot, R. Larry Smith that had voted on the first and second ballot for Carol Ellis stated "I am proud to vote for George Stooksbury." In his admission, is admitting that he was not proud to vote for Carol Ellis? Why was he not proud to vote for George Stooksbury on the first and second ballot?

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