Thursday, February 21, 2008

County Commission Fifth District Seat C Appointment

Commissioner Mark Harmon nominated Pamela Treacy. Commissioner Ivan Harmon nominated Dr. Richard Briggs. Commissioner Tony Norman spoke in favor of Treacy. Commissioners Mike Hammond, Craig Leuthold and Greg Lambert spoke in favor of Dr. Briggs.

Both candidates spoke. Briggs won the Republican primary of February 5th and will face Don Sproles, the Independent candidate for County Commission Fifth District on Augist 7, 2008. Pamela Treacy did not seek the position during the February 5th primary election. Her position and the position of a majority of citizens in the fifth district is that Briggs should not be appointed because Briggs still must face Don Sproles (I) on the general election ballot of August 7, 2008. Treacy possesses a much more experienced knowledge of county government and would have made an excellent place holder County Commissioner.

When the vote was held, partisan politics came before principle and in a vote of 9 for Briggs and 2 for Treacy. Briggs was selected.

Pamela Treacy would be an excellent public servant. Brian's Blog hopes that she remains active and will offer herself to the voters in the near future.

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