Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tuesday's County Clerk Race

The Democrat primary for County Clerk was a shocker in that Amy Henley Vandergriff became the Democrat nominee for County Clerk overtaking current Interim County Clerk George Stooksbury. Henley Vandergriff campaigned with less than $500 and outpolled Stooksbury 60.06% to 39.94%.

The Republican primary had Foster Arnett, Junior outpolling County Commissioner Scott Moore, former County Commissioner Mike McMillan and Bryan Bates.

This race pits two candidates, one (Vandergriff) with the Experience and Expertise in the Clerk's office as a staff employee. She can provide real fundamental change in the operation of the Clerk's office that will benefit the taxpayers of Knox County. The other candidate (Arnett) has no experience in runnning any office, he campaigns with empty rhetoric campaign slogans with no real plan for improving Knox County citizens experience with the Clerk's office.

Visit Amy Henley Vandergriff's website, here.


Anonymous said...

Each year I cross party lines for one candidate... Amy got my vote...but not Mccain!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Amy also. I really wasn't interested in this particular race and wasn't too concerned over who would win it. But your endorsement of Amy and the fact you put up a link to her website - well, her website clinched it for me. Thank you! Brian's Blog endoresments do count for something, after all.
Does this mean you'll be endorsing Amy over Arnett in the general?


Brian Hornback said...

Endorsements are not given on Brian's Blog. We highlight candidates that we believe will do a good job in the position they are seeking.

As for Arnett in August. He will need to answer some hard hitting questions.

As of this moment, the two candidates running for County Clerk are Democrats, one just so happened to win a Republican primary.