Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The One Candidate That Featured Brian's Blog On Her Campaign Brochure, WON!

Amy Henly Vandergriff, Democrat candidate for Knox County Clerk featured comments that were posted on Brian's Blog on her campaign brochure and low and behold, she won the nomination.

See the power of Brian's Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Democrats and Republicans...I got it covered!! I think I am going to love Politics in Knoxville

Flashback to what Dannyc said when the blog was originally posted

She has a competitive advantage of also being really good looking. She has the "tina Fey' of Saturday Night Live 30 Roc look. Sharp, young intelligent. Comes across very professoinal and strong. Look take her necklace. It is the golden sun. Subliminal for a brighter day. Lets call it real. She has strong looks appeal, a clear message and the smarts to possibly pull it off....