Sunday, February 03, 2008

Foster Arnett, Junior...Honor Above All? Yeah Right!

In today's News-Sentinel is an article about how Foster Arnett, Junior only owns 1% of his $825,000.00 home and that the home is only assessed for $200,300. He claims that it isn't his fault. Yeah Right!

This from the candidate that says that he believes in

Do the right thing - Is the right thing to ignore that you are assessed a half million dollars less than you know that your property is assessed?

Do your very best each day - Is the best going to bed knowing that you are living in a house that is assessed a half million dollars less than it is valued?

Treat others as you want to be treated - Is this the way Foster wants to be treated?

Junior says that he will run the office with this mantra.

Honor, Above All Else - How is it honor above all else, to have your property assessed a half million dollars less than its value?

Honesty - Is it honest to know that your property is worth $825,300.oo but assessed at $200,300.00?

Integrity - Is this a quality of Integrity to have your home assessed at a half million dollars less than value?

Accountability - How accountable is it that Junior did not reveal that his property is assessed a half million dollars less than value?

Accessibility - How accessible was Junior in working with the Property Assessor's office to reveal his homes value?

Transparency - Junior is obviously not very transparent in revealing his homes value.

In addition, early in his campaign he claimed that he was President of Pure Air and Water Technologies of Tennessee, Inc. The company has been defunct for some time. So, Junior simply takes it off his website and says that he didn't make such claim. Not a character of Doing the Right Thing, Doing His Best Every Day, Treating Others As You Would Like To Be Treated. Not a trait of Honor Above All Else, Honesty, Integrity, Accountability, Accessible and Transparent.

Brian's Blog has been contacted by Foster Arnett, Junior's neighbors and they profess that he is not a good neighbor to the individuals that live in close proxmity to his under appraised home.

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