Saturday, February 16, 2008

Knox County Commission Conducts Fee Officeholder Applicant Forum Sherry Witt Register of Deeds

The Knox County Commission held the Fee Officeholder Applicant Forum today. First up was Sherry Witt. Witt is seeking the position of Register of Deeds. After her impressive presentation. Commissioner Mark Harmon (wearing a t-shirt, granted it was a bit of business casual dress today, but come on a t-shirt?) in what he was hoping was a gotcha moment asked how Knox County Register's office compares to others around the state and if she were willing in this tight budget year to take a 10% cut in the Register of Deeds office budget or a reduction in force.

Witt knocked them all over with the following answer. In her first attempt at working on next years budget, she has a 7% reduction and in regards to how Knox County is different than the other Register offices. All of the other Register offices do not have to pay rent. The Knox County Register's office pays rent at a significant cost to the Register's budget.

Ding. Ding. end of round 1 it is Sherry Witt 1. Mark Harmon in a t-shirt 0.

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