Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Real" Journalists and The Mistakes They Make

Brian's Blog is criticized regularly for a word that is not spelt correctly or a grammar error on occasion. That is fine, we are open to criticism and will accept it when it is warranted. A lot of times it is our critics just being critical. However, the very same people do not criticize the liberals over at the local liberal blog for their errors. The very same people are not waging war on the KnoxNews commenter's that write worse than a three year old.

But today one of our sources asked if we caught the mistake by a "real" journalist in the News Sentinel. We confessed that we do not buy the paper, we simply view it online. But, we wasted 50 cents and bought one and sure enough a News Sentinel reporter evidently doesn't even know that name of his company or the title of his boss. Look at the scan photo below, check out the fifth paragraph and see what News Sentinel reporter Hayes Hickman referred to his boss as. It seems that Hayes needed to buy an s. Because Jack McElroy is evidently the New Sentinel Editor.

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