Sunday, February 03, 2008

News-Sentinel Makes Errors Saturday and Sunday

In the Saturday edition, Jack McElroy's News-Sentinel published an op-ed written by Barbara Nicodemus. What Jack and the staff of editors failed to disclose is that Barbara Nicodemus is an announced Democrat candidate for the State House against Republican Conservative Representative Bill Dunn. Just another example of Jack and the News-Sentinel's Democrat agenda.

In the Sunday (today's) edition, Jack McElroy's News Sentinel on page A18 published a shadow box entitled Tuesday's Primary: Frequently Asked Questions. Check out the third question. It reads "If I'm mainly interested in Knox County races, should I vote on the Republican or Democratic side?" In the eight paragraph answer, check out the sixth paragraph. It reads. "Only Democrats have contested races in the 1st and 2nd Districts. The sole Republican in each of those races will face the Democratic winner in August." While their answer is partially correct, there is only 1 Republican in the 1st, Albert Baah and Chuck Bolus in the second district. The greatest error in the News-Sentinel is to print that only two County Commission races have a Democrat primary. Seat 4A has Democrat Elaine Davis and Democrat Finbarr Saunders challenging to take on the winner of the Richard Cate, William Daniels, Ruthie Kulhman and Walt Wojnar Republican primary contest.

Come on Jack, can't your editorial staff get it right? At least when you are trying to answer frequently asked questions. If the questions are so frequently asked. Why are you frequently answering them wrong?

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