Sunday, February 03, 2008

News-Sentinel Errors Continually Exposed

Earlier today we exposed an error in yesterday's News-Sentinel. In the same post we exposed an error in today's News-Sentinel. You can read that post, here. Well, we have found a second error in today's News-Sentinel. On the front page, all the pictures of every candidate on the ballot in Knox County is pictured.

Even uncontested candidates for re-election like Cindy Buttry and Indya Kincannon are pictured. Even a candidate that self financed his campaign like Dr. Richard Briggs, candidate for County Commission Fifth District Seat C is pictured.

So why would an unopposed, self financed candidate not be pictured? Especially if the candidate is in fact on the February 5, 2008 ballot, unopposed and self financed. The candidate that is unopposed and self financed and was left out of today's newspaper is Republican businessman Bill Phillips. Phillips is a candidate for Knox County School Board, Eighth District. Phillips is unopposed and self financed.

Phillips has been a longtime friend of Republicans, of Education and to the Knox County Sheriff's Department.

Is his absence from the front page of the News-Sentinel because he supported the Sheriff's Department Pension Plan? Is his absence from the front page of the News-Sentinel because he is a friend of real Republicans and not the downtown politicians? Only Jack McElroy will be able to answer these questions.


Anonymous said...

Brian I thought the same thing about Briggs. IF you are spending your own cash then your not really raising money.The misleading headline states "Officeholders involves in term-limits lawsuit still prove ability to raise funds."
However after walking countless miles and going door to door with flyers with thousands of houses...All I have to say is come tuesday night if being capt of a swim team gets you elected in this town I am I am going down to UT and signing up for a club sport...ha ha

Brian Hornback said...

Dannyc, Your slam of a certain political candidate is not right. If you knew both candidates in the particular race that you are talking about and the history of both candidates, you would not take such a cheap shot.

It is an unfair attack. Her abilities as a student, student athlete, as a professional within our community and as a volunteer in many organizations is more deserving her parties nomination than some other candidates that are Johnny come lately from other backgrounds. I am going to stop now before I reveal who I am talking about.

Good luck, Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

It is not at all a slam but a call on her political marketing. Her campaign heavily focuses around her swim team credentials. Example her logo is blue on bottom representing water I presume and white and orange a direct link to UT. Her campaign has invested heavily in this campaign theme. Yes she is a very formable candidate who has done alot to keep our drinking water safe. However, Brian you have been in politics much like I have...So I issue this challenge to you! Name me one candidate Federal State or Local that made it a major not minor but major part of there campaign being capt of a college sport? Now granted their have been captains Like George Bush of the Yale baseball team.
George Bush was the captain of Yale's championship college baseball team and he played in the 1947 College World Series. They eventually lost that game to the University of California on a home run from future Red Sox star Jackie Jensen. So yes it can be beneficial having that leadership. However...he did not base his campaign primarily on one topic of college leadership via captain.
Look partly I wrote it as a compliment. Meaning, Piper is taking a major gamble on an unusual approach towards getting out the vote. If it works it was a great strategy. I have stated before her campaign staff did an awesome job at the convention. Cookies, signs stickers and balloons. She kept an updated blog on her site a forward thinking website (meaning it wasnt static driven pay a consultant for website and never update it.) But I stand by my quote...if Piper wins...I am going back to college and joining the swim team...

Brian Hornback said...

J.C. Watts, Heath Shular, Steve Largent, Jack Kemp just to name four.