Friday, February 29, 2008

Knox County Schools and Board Member Bratton Settle Case With Cash

This from this evenings News-Sentinel website. Knox County Schools have taken nearly 10 months and awarded $21,000.00 to the 24 year old custodian that alleged that she was subjected to sexual harassment from School Board member Robert Bratton.

The school systems reasoning is that the Principal Jeanna Swan Cole was incompetent and didn't follow protocol. Why should we the taxpayers pay for the system having an administrator that ignores board policy?

It is reported that Bratton will pay $3,000.00 to avoid litigation. What?


Stan said...

Bratton needs to explain this before I will ever come close to voting for him on August 7.

Maybe he will give an exclusive interview to Brian's Blog.

Deborah said...

Our elected officials in Knox County do this, the provide alcohol to supporters and abuse p-cards.

At least when Brian Hornback was an elected official he never did anything to embarass us, he kept the Superintendent and the board acoountable for their actions of excessive spending. He kept board members from enriching their families by not allowing board members family businesses from being vendors for the school system.

Thank you, Brian.

Cynthia said...

Knox County needs people with real integrity like Brian.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Robert for Trustee. That is the fastest way to remove him from the school board and make sure he does not work with our kids again.

Brian Hornback said...


There has been no allegation about Robert and kids. There is NO concern about Robert and kids. You have made the worst arguement for voting for someone.

But then again County Commission gets to appoint Robert's replacement, so that may not be a bad thing. Because Robert has not been as independent as he told people he would be.

So, change your arguement to vote for Robert for Trustee so that County Commission can appoint its choice for School Board Ninth District. HMMMMMMMM.

Anonymous said...

Bratton's guilty. Behind his style he's a real jerk.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, just because he's a democrat he must be guilty! Why don't you get your head out of your party's rear end? Do you really think if Bratton was guilty he would settle this for $3000? Give me a break. And as far as being a jerk, obviously you have never met Robert in person. He is good people and cares about the kids in Knox county.