Saturday, February 16, 2008

Knox County Commission Conducts Fee Officeholder Applicant Forum Fred Sisk

Fred Sisk, the only applicant for Knox County Trustee appeared following the County Clerk applicants. Fred thanked his primary opponents, L.B. Steele (who attended this morning's meeting), Steve Hill, Roger Kane, Steve Rodgers and Hobart Lumpkin.

Sisk explained that he has 18.5 years experience in the Trustee's office having first worked for Trustee Robert "Bob" Broome.

Commissioner Paul Pinkston noted that the Trustee's office audits the TIF's and Pilot's that are awarded.

Commissioner Craig Leuthold who is employed by the Trustee's office recused himself from this interview and will recuse himself from the Trustee appointment vote on Wednesday.

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