Friday, February 01, 2008

Lotts Elementary School Kid Vote

I serve as a Legislative Committee Co-Chair of the A.L. Lotts Elementary School PTA. This morning our committee held a kid vote event for the Democrat and Republican candidates for President. Each student was allowed to select one Democrat and one Republican. In the older grades some students only selected one candidate.

We had two precincts, the South precinct was primarily for Kindergarten and First grade and the North precinct was for Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth grades.

The Democrat ballot had Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barrack Obama and Write-In. The Republican ballot had Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Mitt Romney and Write-In. Yes, we forgot Ron Paul. Sorry about that.

The ballots were printed before Edwards and Giuliani backed out.

The Democrat results
Clinton 357
Obama 349
Edwards 113
Write-In 4

Clinton won the Democrat nomination by 8 votes.

The Republican results

Huckabee 355
McCain 240
Romney 194
Giuliani 40
Huckabee won the Republican nomination in a landslide.

Republican Write Ins
Ron Paul 3
Condoleezza Rice 2
Me 1

Check out WVLT Volunteer TV on Comcast Cable Channel 5 between 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. for a report from Kim Bedford.


Anonymous said...

kids before you vote for Hillary just ask yourself this question. " Would Vince Foster have voted for Hillary as president?" Nope, he would have probably blown his brains out first or had someone from the Clinton administration done it for him! Hillary is nothing more then a Walmart Board Member that sucked America Dry by allowing the flooding of cheap Chineese goods while lowering the American Workers pay and not giving proper health insurance while her husband continually made China the MOST FAVORED NATION. Slick Bill Clinton gutted absolutely gutted the Securities and Exchange Commishion denying them raises and manpower to cover up the worldcoms and enrons George Bush had to inherit which ruined our economy. Did Barrack Obama lie to Federal INVESTIGATORS DURING TRAVELGATE???? Barrack is the real deal. Hillary has had maids and been governement services for decades both as a Presidental First Lady and as Gov first lady! Barrack is the real deal. He has stood outside in the cold pouring rain trying to hail a cab in NYC being passed over for white person after white person. I remember driving in NYC listening to Barrack on rap radio Hot 97. He is the real deal. He has the same issues we do. I am Rep pure as can however, I cannot see Hillary or Grandpa Insane McCain who wants to keep soldiers in Iraq another 100 years as the answer to our problems. Mitt is the best choice but if push comes to shove....Barrack is the right plan of President! We need a uniter not a constant fighter! We need a man with a vision not a man of global distortion. We need a man who has time and time again said we should not be in the quagmire of Iraq. Not flip flop hillary. To tommorrows generation I place it simple. Obama is the solution!

Anonymous said...

One fun fact I noticed in all this was that Giuliani FINALLY defeated Ron Paul! And did so handily, too boot!!