Saturday, February 09, 2008

Breaking NEWS: County Commission Chairman Race

This morning at the first of four hearings on vacant appointments that County Commission will appoint on Feburary 20, 2008. This hearing was for the Fifth District County Commission vacancy. I will be posting the actual report later today.

However, while 9 of the current 11 were present. I took the opportunity to ask each one of them if they were running for or seeking the Commission Chairman position on February 25, 2008 when the Commission convenes. Thomas Tank Strickland due to his position as Vice-Chair will assume the duties of Chairman until February 25, 2008.

Here are the answers, some were more direct than others.

Commissioner Paul Pinkston NO
Commissioner Tony Norman NO
Commissioner Mark Harmon NO
Commissioner Scott Moore NO
Commissioner Ivan Harmon NO
Commissioner Mike Hammond NO
Commissioner Phil Ballard NO
Commissioner Craig Leuthold Is not seeking it, but would serve if selected
Commissioner R. Larry "Chief Grandstander and Hypocrite" Smith Refused Comment

By phone interview with Commissioner Greg Lambert, NO.

I was unable to contact Thomas "Tank" Strickland, I am sure that he would serve if elected, several commissioners informed me that they will support Tank.

Tank should be cautious of R. Larry as his political ambitions know no boundaries. The Chief Grandstander and hypocrite would run over a man that is receiving dialysis on a regular basis to advance his own political career.

R. Larry Smith, the next Commission Chairman? It will certianly make everyone desire to see Scott Moore back in the Chairman's seat.

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Anonymous said...

I agree! Keep up the good work, there is still a lot to come out on this commission and Ragsdale. The 3 resolutions coming up at the next commission meeting, by Hammond and M. Harmon.