Sunday, September 30, 2007

When The Shopper Stops, They Just Keep Going

Last week, we pointed out the Shopper got one right. If you are around me long enough. You will hear me repeat an old saying that I heard along time ago. I normally say it at least once every couple of days. The saying is "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile."

Well, last week evidently, the Shopper was the blind squirrel that happened to find the real aspect of journalism. As Larry Van Guilder, a shopper editorial writer allowed Mike Lowe to respond and included Lowe's reaction to his editorial column in the total column. I am sure Brian's Blog exposing the errors of the Shoppers ways with Moxley Carmichael probably had something to do with it.

This week, Larry Van Guilder is retracting something that he printed last week. It appears that last week he quoted an inaccurate statement made by Cathy Quist, aspiring General Sessions Court Judge about a private citizen and her employment status with a private company. However, Van Guilder did not obtain a retraction from Quist. So, maybe the lawyers can just lawyer up and get Quist to apologize and correct her inaccurate statement.

Here is the Larry Van Guilder snippet.

‘Not the boss’

Last week we quoted Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist who called the wife of Brian Barnard “an executive for Cigna.” Barnard, of course, is Knox County’s benefits manager who served on the committee which selected Cigna to service the county’s self-insured health plan. (Although Barnard abstained from the actual vote.)

He wrote to say that his wife, Judy, is “in fact, a salaried middle manager with Cigna, a ‘business project senior specialist.’ She is neither an executive nor an officer,” he said.


BTW, I think Larry Van Guilder is a pretty good guy. I think he just gets steered in the wrong direction on writing his editorials by the "tabloid bully girl" and the "tabloid bully editor girl". They don't tell him it is necessary to call to verify inaccurate statement(s) made by an individual with special interest(s).

A phone call to Cigna, would have verified what the ladies position within Cigna is and her husband would not have had to contact Van Guilder and then Van Guilder would not have had to correct an inaccurate report of an inaccurate statement.

Had Van Guilder looked at his notes from the September 17, 2007 County Commission Committee meeting or researched Brian's Blog for this post. He would have seen that the ladies husband had already made a public statement as to what his wife's position was at Cigna.

Lazy reporters, You can't live with them. You can't run a tabloid without them.

Cathy Quist, has informed the main stream media back a month or so ago (in an interview) that she doesn't read blogs. It is so too bad that she doesn't, because had she read our report on September 17, 2007, she would not have made an inaccurate statement about a private citizen and her work status.

Man, The More I Listen To Huckabee. The More I Want To Support Him

Saturday, September 29, 2007

For The Cubbies Fans, Mom, Dad, My Brother and Hubert Smith

All of my family. Mom, Dad and my brother (he is older) have all been Chicago Cubs fans. I discovered this song while looking for something for another avid Cubs fan, Hubert Smith of The Hubert Smith Radio Show.

I think this is an appropriate song for all Cubs fans. It takes a little more than 6 minutes, but you really need to hear Steve Goodman sing this song.

The message is still relevant. Even in spite of today's clinching of the division. BTW, (By The Way) back in the day, I liked Johnny Bench and the REDS. In addition, Strawberry Plains, TN native and former Knoxville City Council Member Ed Bailey.

With Additional Apologies To Georgiana Vines From The Bologna Cutting

On Thursday, I attended the World Famous Powell Auction Bologna Cutting. Thanks to Howard and Kenny Phillips for always inviting me. There's always something about that Powell Auction only Merita "freshest in the world" bread, bologna, moon pie and an RC cola.

The bologna cutting on Thursday was for our Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones, Great crowd. Read about it here in today's Georgiana Vines column. As Reporter Vines was leaving, she approached me and informed me of a funny story.

Mrs. Vines teaches a class over at UT, she had given some assignments to her students and one involved Bob Griffitts, Chief of Staff for our Republican Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. One of Mrs. Vines students raised their hand and said Mrs. Vines, I have found your name. She had Internet searched Bob Griffitts name and this Brian's Blog post came up. To which Mrs. Vines said you miss-spelt my name.

I apologized and told her that I would correct it. She and I than shared how both of our names have over the years continually been miss-spelt. My first name as Brain or Bryan. Heck, during my four years as a School Board Member, the Superintendent continually pronounced my name as Hornbeck not Hornback. It doesn't bother me as long as I am spreading the truth and exposing the biases, along with the gossip and lies that exist in our culture.

I have corrected the post and will again apologize to Georgiana Vines.

Newt Says NO!

Today, Saturday September 29, 2007 Rick Tyler, spokesman for former U.S. House of Representative Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich announced that Newt will NOT be a candidate for President in 2008. Link to the news story on the Los Angeles Times blog.

A prospective Newt presidential candidacy would conflict with his leadership of his organization Winning The Future. Newt is committed to the organization and will not run for President.

Here is a scan of a Pre-1994 bumper sticker that I had on vehicles that I owned in 1992-1994.

There is a role for individuals like Newt on a National stage that helps direct public policy. Newt stills speaks for millions of Americans and will continue speaking on our behalf.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

No Good!

Tennessee Liberal Democrat Proposes Outlawing Divorce Making Adultry a Felony.

Governor Huckabee Answers Truthfully, So Truthfully Wolf Blitzer Doesn't Recognize The Truth

Thanks to GregMc for sending me the link to this. Check out Governor Huckabee's response to a question on evolution. If you do not believe in God or believe that you evolved from a primate. Vote for Hillary or one of the others. But as for me and my house, we are voting for a Bible believing, creation conceiving candidate for President.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Do Democrats Ever Change?

To The Brian's Blog readers that voted Democrat last time. Is this what you voted for?

Typical Liberal Democrat, Typical Liberal Democrat Record

As a Democrat Governor she has a failed record. If the people of her state elect her to the U.S. Senate, she will join her other liberal democrats in Washington with another failed liberal democrat record.

NRSC Has A Blog and A Wire

Check out the Blog, here and the NRSC Wire, here.

Tabloid Bully Editor Girl Admits To Not Knowing The Law As Set Forth By The Supreme Court

I received an email from a reader of Brian's Blog that had received a interesting communication that the tabloid bully editor girl made public this morning. In response to last night's City of Knoxville's election tabloid editor bully girl said. "It's easy to understand why voters leave blanks -- they're registering a protest or negative toward that particular individual. I'm still trying to figure out why John Rosson wasn't term-limited with the rest. Term limits = one 8-year term. Still better than the alternative. -- s." You would think that the "reporter" could remember that the Judicary and Judicial Clerks which includes all Judges, Circuit Court Clerk, Criminal Court Clerk, District Attorney General and Public Defender are exempt from term limits, so said the TN Supreme Court. The City of Knoxville Municipal Judge would be included in such definitions.

One Of The Three Posters Of The Liberal Local Blog Forum Loves Brian's Blog

A notorious employee of E.W. Scripps and a frequent poster over at the local liberal blog just can't stand Brian's Blog being banned over at the local liberal blog. She will do something, anything to link to our famous, world renowned blog. On Monday 9/24/2007 at 11:34 p.m. she linked Brian's Blog on the local liberal blog. So much for being banned!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Republican Knox County Clerk Candidates Present Themselves To The Eighth District

A large crowd of nearly 250 people turned out at Carter High School tonight to hear the three Republican candidates for Knox County Clerk present themselves.

Several Elected officials and candidates for other offices attended as well. Some elected officials or candidates sent representatives.

Here is the list of those attending:

Republican General Sessions Judge Bob McGee. Judge McGee is a Republican candidate for the Criminal Court Judge position that has been made vacant due to Republican Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins untimely death. The position will be on the February and August 2008 ballot.

Knox County Republican Property Assessor John Whitehead.

Knox County Republican County Commissioner from the 8th District Phil Ballard. Commissioner Ballard is a Republican candidate for Knox County Property Assessor.

Knox County Republican County Commissioner from the 8th District Jack Huddleston. Commissioner Huddleston is campaigning for election in 2008.

Rhonda Bennett represented Knox County Republican Law Director John Owings.

L.B. Steele candidate for Trustee as a Republican.

Barbara Hartsell representing Knox County Republican Register of Deeds Sherry Witt.

Wes Norris representing Knox County Republican Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones.

Tim Wheeeler and Wendy Norris representing Knox County Republican Circuit, General Sessions and Juvenile Court Clerk Cathy Quist.

Kay Frazier Republican candidate for Knox County Commission from the 8th District.

Mike Wheatly representing former Knox County Republican Trustee Mike Lowe. Lowe is a candidate for Knox County Property Assessor.

Republican State Representative Harry Brooks.

Knox County Republican Party Chairwoman Irene McCrary.

County Commissioner Phil Ballard gave a report on the county's insurance plan and on the county's storm water ordinance that passed on second reading last evening. He also recognized two citizens, Helen Smith and Zella McPherson that were instrumental in the design of the new Knox County Senior Citizen center that the county broke ground for earlier in the day.

County Commissioner Jack Huddleston gave a report on the $400,000.00 improvements that will be coming to the intersection of Harbisons Crossroads in the Gibbs community of Knox County's Eighth District.

State Representative Harry Brooks said "We (the legislature) is not in session, so you folks are safe." The crowd laughed. He mentioned the Harbisons Crossroads intersection that Commissioner Huddleston had mentioned. This is a partnership between the state and county and this agreement is the first of its kind in Tennessee. He also discussed how the legislature created AP (Advanced Placement) classes for high school students taking a technical path.

The three Republican candidates for Knox County Clerk then presented themselves. Each candidate was given 8 minutes and 2 minutes followup after all three had presented themselves. The candidates went in alphabetical order.

Foster Arnett, Jr. - He discussed his plans for operating the office. He will be open, accountable and accessible. He said that when he becomes Clerk there will be no nepotism.

Mike McMillan - Mike McMillan is a former County Commissioner from the Eighth District. He discussed how the office takes in $56.0 million dollars a year. The office operates 6 satellite offices, soon 7. The office has 128 employees. The office registers 400,000 vehicles a year. He promised that when he is clerk that he "will put forth his best effort". Within his first 90 days he will evaluate each division and ensure the right people are there to serve the citizens. He said that he will have an open door, he will return your phone calls, he will be available to meet with you and if it is convenient for him to meet you at the satellite offices, he will do that as well.

County Commission Chairman Scott Moore discussed the issues going on with County Commission. He discussed how he is known within the eighth district due to his previous run for State Representative in the area. His mother and father, father in law and sister were in the audience and he recognized his family. He discussed his experience in law enforcement (public sector) and his experience in the private sector with his property management and his trucking business.

The meeting adjourned shortly thereafter.

Congratulations to Mayor Haslam and City Councilman Joe Bailey

Was it our endorsement of City Councilman Joe Bailey? No.

Congratulations to Mayor Haslam on garnering 87.32 % of the votes cast in the Mayors race. Haslam received 5728 votes. Mark Saroff, the candidate that didn't campaign, spent zero dollars per vote and garnered 2.52% of the votes cast in the Mayors race. Saroff received 165 votes. Isa Infante received 10.17% of the votes cast in the Mayors race. Infante received 667 votes. Mayor Haslam exceeded the threshold of 50% plus 1 and he will be Knoxville's Mayor for one more term, four more years. It truly is Knoxville's Time.

Congratulations to City Councilman Joe Bailey in garnering 65.76% of the votes cast in the City Council At Large Seat A race. Bailey received 3873 votes. Unemployed candidate Ray Abbas garnered 34.24% of the votes cast in the City Council At Large Seat A race. Abbas received 2017 votes. Check out Councilman Bailey's website located here.

City Councilman Chris Woodhull garnered 100% of the 5029 votes cast in the City Council At Large position Seat B race.

City Councilwoman Marilyn Roddy garnered 100% of the 5087 votes cast in the City Council At Large Seat C race.

Knoxville Municipal Judge John Rosson, Jr garnered 100% of the 5098 votes cast in the Municipal Judge position.

City Councilman Bob Becker garnered 100% of the 597 votes cast in City Council Fifth District race. In this district City Council race in November 2003, Becker defeated Tim Wheeler, current Supervisor in the Knox County General Sessions, Circuit and Juvenile Court Clerks office.

Local Blog Forum Violates Copyright Laws

The local blog forum and one of its main contributors late last evening posted a photograph that appeared on this blog. The photograph is copyright protected by the photographer and is the sole property of Brian's Blog. The primary administrator of the local liberal blog forum was issued an email at 6:03 a.m. this morning informing him that he has a copyright protected photograph on his local blog forum in violation of the copyright laws. The publisher of the newspaper that the contributor writes for was issued an email as well, simply notifying him of his employees violation of copyright protected material.

Two attorneys that engage in copyright infringement have contacted me this morning desiring to represent the parties in this situation.

Press Conference Announcing Johnia Berry's Accused Murderer

Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J" Jones announced "It was a good day in Knox County." He then said that 22 year old Taylor Lee Olson of Knoxville had been arrested and charged with the December 2004 murder of Johnia Berry. That the Knox County Grand Jury this morning returned a 7 count presentment for Taylor Olson in the murder of Taylor Olson.

Mark Gwyn of the TBI said "You can not have complete closure without an arrest. I hope the Berry family can now begin the healing process." This investigation has been "Textbook with cooperation of Knox County Sheriffs Department, forensics and everyone involved, I congratulate everybody"

Knoxville FBI Special Agent Michael McLean informed the media that they were asked by the Knox County Sheriffs Department to assist in apprehending a fugitive. On "Friday September 21, 2007 Mr. Olson was taken into custody at the West Town Shopping Mall."

Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols said "My thanks to all law enforcement. It is tiresome and frustrating work. The Knox County Grand Jury this morning returned a 7 count presentment on Taylor Olson." He will soon appear before a Criminal Court Judge to be arraigned.

Sheriff Jones recognized two individuals with the Food City company. John Jones and Emerson Breeden. Food City had placed decals on their Food City trucks and posters in their stores. John Jones thanked the Knox County Sheriffs Department. Sheriff Jones said that the department had received numerous tips from the posters and decals.
Bobby Waggoner, Chief of Detectives of the Knox County Sheriffs Department's along with Brad Hall, Detective and Amy Lynn Delgado, Detective talked about the time consuming process and hoped that this arrest will give the Berry family some closure.

The Berry family spoke:

Mike said "All along our goal has been to put the person in jail that murdered our little girl." He talked about the Johnia Berry bill that was passed by the Tennessee legislature and hoped that with the passage of the law that it would be easier for law enforcement. It has been a 33 - 35 month investigation. He thanked Sheriff Jones and the citizens of Knox County.

Joan Berry said "This is a good day. How thankful to God, I am for this day. I am thankful to you for your prayers. Please continue to keep us in your prayers."
Kelly Burke, Johnia's brother said "Johnia had the best parents in the world that they have been going for years. Mike and mom have been never given up. You can't give up. Dan Frye, a man I met locally, his fathers investigation lasted 7 years. I just hope now that my sister can rest in peace."

Sheriff Jones then acknowledged and credited Former Knox County Sheriff Tim Hutchison and the late Assitant Chief Keith Lyon with their early work on this investigation. Their work began the day the murder occurred in December of 2004.

Sheriff Jones said "Law enforcement is a team effort. If any of our citizens are hurt or wronged. All of these people gathered here will hunt you down."

Several questions were asked by the media. A few of them were.

Are you confident that he acted alone? The answer. Yes.
Does he have a previous criminal record? The answer. Yes, but not very serious.

How long had he been identified? The answer. He has been a person of interest for 4 -5 months.

To the District Attorney General. Will this be a death penalty case? The answer. We will follow the law and the procedure to make that determination. That decision will be made at the appropriate time.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Johnia Berry's Accused Murderer Is Arrested and Indictment Announced

This afternoon at 4:00 p.m. Knox County Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones along with Mark Gwinn of TBI, Special Agent McClain of the Knoxville office of the FBI and Randy Nichols, the Knox County District Attorney General announced that Taylor Olson was taken into custody at West Town Shopping Mall on Friday September 21, 2007 and the Grand Jury has returned Felony Murder, First Degree Murder, Attempted First Degree Murder and Aggravated Burglary charges. Here is the photograph released, this afternoon by the Knox County Sheriffs Department of Taylor Olson.

I will be posting more later this evening about the various comments that were shared at the Press Conference.

I am very pleased that the link to Find Johnia Berry's Killer blog has been removed from Brian's Blog links under "The Focus". As a community we focused on it, the law enforcement spent 33-35 months, the family lived with the pain for the same time period and today he is in custody. Our prayers continue for Johnia's family: Joan, Mike and Kelly.

Local Blog Forum Contributor Acknowldges Posters Using Multiple Poster Names

We reported here several weeks ago that the local blog forum has only a few posters that post under multiple names/identities. The posting had decreased since we "outed" their practice of individuals using multiple poster names/identities. We have been vindicated by this comment from Rikki posted this afternoon.

Submitted by rikki on Mon, 2007/09/24 - 2:52pm.
Mr. Emge, aka frenchharp,
Wrong. frenchharp is someone else. I think he has even signed posts here with his real name, but I'll let him choose whether to reveal himself in this thread.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Shopper Did It Right, Once.

Last week, we posted this about the second incident of a Shopper reporter failing to get a response prior to publication of their tabloid. This incident happened just more than a year after Betty Bean, another reporter for the Shopper did a similar act on Brian Hornback of Brian's Blog. Here is the link to Brian Hornback's response that was available on the Shopper website in January and February 2007, an announcement was also published in the Shopper print edition that the correction was available online.

Well, it appears that the Editor is making sure that they do not have a third strike. Because as in the game of baseball, three strikes and Editor Clark is called OUT! Check out Larry Van Guilder's story that will be in tomorrow's paper and online now.

We will continue our efforts as "The Truth Squad" to expose the third incident so that Mr. Hartmann and the E.W. Scripps folks can call the OUT and bring in a professional Editor that doesn't make the same mistakes over and over and over again.

Tearing Down the Walls

I just finished reading the book, Tearing Down The Walls written by Monica Langley. It is the fascinating story of Sandy Weill. Sandy Weill is the single biggest player in Wall Street history. Sandy Weill's life has had its ups and downs and to see how he came from virtually no where to the most recognizable name in the financial services industry is amazing.

The book has been on the streets for about three years. Monica Langley also has Knoxville, TN roots. In her acknowledgements she credits the visits with her mother to the Knoxville, TN public libraries.

If you are at all interested in the workings of Wall Street or the financial services industry. I would recommend this book. Sandy Weill is colorful and a great read. Monica Langley did a great job detailing his life.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The First February 5, 2008 Yard Sign Is Up and The City of Knoxville Election

This morning on my drive to my 4 plus mile walk for the day, I spotted the first yard sign for the February 5, 2008 Primary election. There was a 2x2 Mike Lowe Property Assessor sign in the same yard as two small Mayor Haslam signs.

A few feet up the road a yard had Joe Bailey City Council yard signs. No signs for the two challengers campaigning for Mayor or the position currently held by Councilman Bailey.

The City primary election is this Tuesday September 25, 2007. It appears that Mayor Haslam will get the necessary 50% plus 1 to avoid a runoff and that is good. I am sure that the Mayor will enjoy reading his re-election story in the Knoxville-Knox County Focus. Here he is reading the Focus.

Brian's Blog endorses City Councilman Joe Bailey. It appears that the extremist liberals in the Knox County Democrat Party are going after Councilman Bailey. The good news is that the everyday normal democrat is supporting him and nearly every Republican. Turnout has been low so every vote will count. So, if you haven't voted for Joe during the early voting period, be sure that you get out on Tuesday and cast a vote at your polling location from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. for Joe Bailey for City Council.

Friday, September 21, 2007

The Battle of The KFL Rookie Coaches

Tonight was rare. The week was hectic and I didn't travel to McMinn County to watch the Admirals play and they are currently tied 14-14.

I did watch the Bearden -vs- Karns game on CSS. It was the battle of the rookie coaches. Brad Taylor in his first year at Bearden and some guy last name Reeves in his first year at Karns. Well, I always pull for the Bearden Bulldogs in every game, except when they play the Farragut Admirals.

Tonight, the Bearden coached team of Brad Taylor dominated the Karns Beavers coached by Reeves 35-6.

The officiating crew was suspect in the first half showing a little home cooking for Karns with a roughing the passer call, that didn't happen, a pass interference call that didn't happen.

In addition, Mark Packer the play by play guy, kept saying how Coach Reeves told him this was the weakest team he has ever coached and how it will take Reeves a couple of years to fix Karns. PLEAAAAASSE!

Karns football in the past five years have been the most successful in the school's history. Packer needs to concentrate on calling the game and quit being the mouthpiece for one coach and/or one team. As a matter of fact, in 2004 Packer appeared at a community meeting upset that the school district had proposed to rezone his home into the Karns school district. It would appear that CSS should consider another play by play announcer when Karns is playing.

Congratulations to Coach Taylor, Quarterback Dawson Halliday and all the Bulldogs. Leave it on the field and the officials and announcers can't say anything about the domination that you demonstrated in your play.

It's School Coupon Book Time In Tennessee

Yes, it is that time again. If you want a school coupon book, email me at the email address on the Brian Hornback Profile page (over on the right of the blog) and you will probably get free delivery. The books are only $10.00. On Saturday (tomorrow), I am using one coupon that saves me $20.99, so you get your money back and you support good public schools.

Fred Dalton Thompson On Move**.org

Fred Dalton Thompson on HillaryCare

The Republicans Will Just Go And Hide. NOT!

Check out the Jim Ogonowski website located here or his blog located here. Send him a campaign contribution and on October 16, 2007 let's send the first of the new generation Republicans to Congress to clean up the mess created by the Congressional "Latte Liberal" from San Francisco and the Senate's "Dirty Harry".

The Cawood/Quist Connection?

UPDATE: Friday September 21, 2007 9:00 p.m. Brian's Blog has received a message from an insider to the Cawood's admitting that Sharon and Mark cut deals to appoint herself. They attempt to implicate everyone else. However, that is a stretch. But, we do have insider information and a confession that Sharon cut deals, thus she violated the "Sunshine Law".

Original Post: As we reported here a few days ago. Word is moving through the courthouse that Sharon Cawood is preparing to run for Property Assessor as a Democrat. Those plans may be changing soon.

Bob McGee, current Republican General Sessions Judge is running for Criminal Court Judge as a Republican in 2008. When he is successful and takes the Criminal Court bench on September 1, 2008.

There will be less than 2 years remaining on Cathy Quist current term as Circuit, General Sessions and Juvenile Court Clerk. Quist will then pursue the County Commission appointment to the General Sessions Court Judge position, as she did in January of 2006 during the Brenda Waggoner retirement vacancy. In January 2006, Quist actually withdrew from consideration. However, Quist maintains a desire to become a Judge. When the Commission appoints Quist to the General Sessions Judge postion, her current position becomes vacant.

Sharon Cawood would then pursue the Circuit, General Sessions and Juvenile Court Clerk position. Sharon having been successful in her current husband cutting deals to appoint her to the County Commission seat that she currently holds has the necessary experience to gain the appointment through "the process". After all Cawood has 7 months experience in the Clerk's position as a $42,000.00 a year courier. Driving court files from Juvenile Court to the City County Building and stopping off at the local big box retailer, picking up wedding gifts in between the designated courier trips.

Stay tuned as it seems that Sharon Cawood is desperately trying hard to find a full time job that allows for plenty of errands and opportunities.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oops! The Shopper Did It Again

Well, do you remember a year ago when the Shopper published their little ditty that included lies and fabrications about me. Betty Bean wrote a tale longer than the biggest catfish in the Tennessee River about me and they were slapped on the hand for the simple fact that she failed to contact me for comment before publication. Mr. Bruce Hartmann being the gentleman that he is, resolved the conflict by allowing me to respond and it was published by the Shopper. All is well again.

But nearly a year later, they did it again. Not to me. But to the largest, most respected PR firm in East Tennessee. Now, a letter has been sent by one Cynthia Moxley of Moxley Carmichael to the 19 Knox County Commissioners, a copy has been scanned and is here for you to see and read.

At one time Moxely Carmichael represented the News-Sentinel. The News-Sentinel is owned by E.W. Scripps Company. E.W. Scripps owns the Shopper. Mr. Bruce Hartmann is Publisher for both the News-Sentinel and the Shopper.

If Sandra Clark hasn't stepped on a banana peel with this one and all other incidents by now at E.W. Scripps. What careless misdeeds will she do next? Enquiring minds want to know!

What Is In A "Lumpy" Name?

This letter to the Editor (KNS Editor Jack McElroy in a speech to the Society of Professional Journalists at the University of Tennessee reflecting back on his directing the coverage of the Columbine incident with the Rocky Mountain News said. ‘Journalistically it was the greatest experience I ever had,’ ) appeared in today's paper.

Skip the nicknames of local politicians

Please tell your word processors to change their macro keys - or whatever they are called today - so that, when County Commissioner Greg Lambert's name comes up for print, they eliminate the nickname "Lumpy." Most of your readers are adults and find the constant use of his nickname juvenile. When Lambert is referred to in a news story as "Lumpy," he sounds as though he is not to be taken seriously. Thanks for listening.

Mary Ryan

While it appears that this fine citizen is attempting to do right. I contacted "Lumpy" today to ask if he was shedding the name "Lumpy"? "Lumpy" said. "Oh heavens no. There is no truth to it. I embrace the Lumpy name."

I thought, wow that's good after all what would "Lumpy" do with all those t-shirts that were printed with Don't be Grumpy, Vote for "Lumpy".

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

State Representative Parkey Strader's Health and Re-Election

Mark Hancock and Becky Duncan Massey of Knoxville Sertoma meet with Rep. Strader in Nashville

After 2 rounds of Chemotherapy, 1 round of Radiation, and 3 Surgeries. The most recent scan of State Representative Park M. (Parkey) Strader's body reveals that he has NO cancer.

The News-Sentinel recently reported that Parkey has not made his decision about running for re-election. Actually, the reporter asked Parkey if he was running for re-election and he said Yes. But because of what I have gone through, I will announce in January. The reporter missed the YES.

I am pleased that God has answered the hundreds of thousands of prayers and has rid Parkey's body of the cancer.

I told Parkey that it is my desire that he run for re-election and to serve as my State Representative for the remainder of this term and next legislative term.

That is his plan.

Representative Strader checking in with a group of concerned constituents.

Brian's Blog Post Influences News-Sentinel Headline

Our post yesterday, located here influenced the News-Sentinel headline story today, located here.

We are happy to be of assistance. It is a great compliment to our work here at Brian's Blog.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tune In Tonight To FOX 43 at 10:00 p.m.

Tonight at 10:00 p.m. be sure that you tune in to Fox 43. It is located on Comcast Cable Channel 11. My friend Adam Longo will have his last on air appearance here in K-Town.

Brian's Blog broke the news a few weeks back, here is the link. If you want to see Adam in the future after tonight, you will have to watch him when you take the kids to Disney World in Orlando.

Good Luck and Farewell Adam and Melissa Dipane.

Is This What We Have To Look Forward To?

John Kerrey was speaking at the University of Florida. A student asked three questions and appears to be supportive of Kerrey and his 2004 election. The police evidently did not like the last question and they haul the guy out and taser him. Kerrey was still heard speaking while he was being arrested and tasered. Yet, Kerrey did nothing to stop the UF police and to protect the young student.

Knox County Sunshine Lawsuit Coverage: News-Sentinel Reporters Move From Reporting to Interpreting or Assuming

The culprit today is either Jamie Satterfield or Hayes Hickman. For now since it is not a quote in today's article on the Knox County Sunshine Lawsuit. I will point the finger at Jamie Satterfield. She and the others at the Sentinel can email me and correct me, if I am wrong. How ever check out these two paragraphs from Jamie Satterfield's online story this afternoon.

Phone records also indicate that Moore was getting more legal advice from Knox County Commission lobbyist and attorney John Valliant than he was from the law department.

He logged daily and lengthy conversations with Valliant in the days after the ruling was handed down.

Where do the phone records reveal the detail of the conversation?

They could have been talking about hunting, fishing or where they take their families on vacation.

Do we need to remind the people in the BIG metal building on the hill not to assume what the contents of the conversation are just because you have the phone records.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Knox County Commission Intergovernmental Committee on Storm water

Knox County Commissions Intergovernmental Committee met today and storm water was on the agenda.

Fourth District County Commissioner Richard Cate said contrary to the belief of some City Council members we did not pass a weakened ordinance. Commissioner Cate then held up a color copy of the postcards that were first reported here, here and here at Brian's Blog.

He said I want a letter sent to Keith Delay of Nashville telling him to appear at the Monday County Commission meeting. This card is being sent by him. It is filled with false information and is about his (Delay's) pocketbook.

Commissioner Cate said I don't know who else was targeted but I know that Commissioner Tramel and I were. Commissioner Phil Ballard said he and Commissioner Jack Huddleston were targeted. Ballard's comment confirmed what we reported here on Saturday September 15, 2007.

Commissioner Craig Leuthold said that he received one. No word if his district colleagues Commissioners Mike Hammond and Frank Leuthold were targeted.

Knox County Commission Intergovernmental Committee Meeting on Knox County Employee Healthcare Benefits

Knox County is attempting to change the health care administrator for its self insured employee health insurance. Three companies responded. The current administrator/insurer Cariten, Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Tennessee. The health insurance committee selected or shortlisted Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield. It was not a unanimous decision, in fact it wasn't even a majority opinion. It was 4 for Cigna and 4 for Blue Cross Blue Shield. However some quirk in the procurement process has the commission with either accepting Cigna or rejecting Cigna.

So, the debate began and County Clerk Billy Tindell and Sheriff Jimmy J.J. Jones were in the back of the room. They were two of the 4 votes for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Commissioner Tony Norman asked both of them to give their thoughts on the process. Billy Tindell gave a very knowledgeable and insightful discussion about the process, he is a retired Blue Cross Blue Shield employee.

Immediately after Sheriff Jones and Clerk Tindell left the podium. A gentleman approached the podium. He introduced himself as Jerry Burgess, President and CEO of HealthCare 21. Their website is located here. He proceeded to inform the Commissioners that "you need to be working with the administration." He proceeded to call out Billy Tindell's name at least 12 times. Telling the commission that he (Tindell) single handily stopped the process for Cigna in favor of Blue Cross Blue Shield. That he (Tindell) has a conflict of interest because he (Tindell) draws a retirement check. As he concluded his remarks. Tindell approached the podium and was recognized.

Tindell said Commissioners you need to understand that Burgess is paid by Knox County $20,000.00 a year. Tindell looked at Burgess and said is that figure right. Burgess said let me explain. Tindell maintained the podium and said just give me the figure. Burgess said HealthCare 21 is paid $20,000.00 a year. So, Tindell said o.k. HealthCare 21 is paid $20,000.00 a year. Tindell walked away and Burgess took the podium back and said o.k. since I have been accused of being paid for and working for Mayor Ragsdale. Knox County has been a member of HealthCare 21 since before Mayor Ragsdale has been Mayor. To which County Commission Chairman Scott Moore said "No one has mentioned Mayor Ragsdale." Burgess sat down and laughter was heard from around the large assembly room.

County Commission Chairman Scott Moore then asked about Knox County Benefits Manager Brian Barnard. Saying that he understood that Barnard was a former Cigna employee and that his wife is a current employee of Cigna. Barnard then approached the podium in an irritated, hostile manner and said. "I do come from Cigna, I let my license lapse. My wife is a salaried employee of Cigna." He continued with a statement that her salary does not come from the small amount that Knox County would pay to administer the Knox County self insured insurance.

Shortly thereafter the Intergovernmental committee passed the substitute motion to send this item with no recommendation to the full commission for Monday September 24 Commission meeting. The substitute motion that had been made by Commission Chairman Scott Moore nearly 45 minutes earlier.

Stay Tuned.

Rumor about the Cawood Situation

O.k. everyone is trying to figure out about Fredrick Cawood. He picked up a petition on Friday. Why has Sharon Cawood the second sister in law for Fredrick not picked up a petition for the County Commission seat that she was appointed to fill after her second husband was dumped out of his seat by the Tennessee Supreme Court on January 12, 2007? Enquiring minds want to know.

The rumor among her Commission colleagues today during committee meetings is that she is going to pick up a petition for Property Assessor as a Democrat and she and her second husband Mark will throw their support behind Frederick for County Commission in 2008. In essence, keeping the check in the family.

The salary that she gave up at the Juvenile Court clerk's office $42,000.00 plus per year in addition to her $23,000.00 plus per year Commission salary will be replaced by a salary slightly over $100,000.00 a year as Property Assessor.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brian's Blog Serves All Media Even The Tabloid

Brian's Blog has become the go-to source for Knoxville's media. Whether it is WBIR News that reports a couple of days following our report on direct mail postcards involving the storm water ordinance. We reported it at Brian's Blog the day they hit the mailboxes. That is the great thing about blogs, we report instantly.

Then tomorrow you will read in the West Side Slopper News and the other Slopper editions, Sandra Clark's report and we were once again even her source. Here is Sandra's report utilizing our information.

Stormwater fight heats up
Post card attacks west side commissioners Knox County Commission will vote on its much-debated stormwater management ordinance on second reading this month with committee discussion today. Commissioner Greg “Lumpy” Lambert carried an amendment crafted by the Homebuilders Association which was adopted on first reading. West side commissioner Tony Norman, led the fight to adopt the original ordinance. Last week city Law Director Morris Kizer delivered a saberrattling letter to Knox County. “It is clear that the (county’s) ordinance (as amended) does not comply with the terms” of the 2001 agreement that the county’s stormwater standards will be at least as strong as the city’s, he wrote. This is important because stormwater from developments outside the city flows toward the Tennessee River. City officials argue that much of the flooding along First Creek is caused by runoff they cannot regulate. Kizer cited 13 examples of the county’s ordinance being inadequate and threatened that the city will “pursue its available remedies” if the county fails to correct the shortcomings. Also last week, a reported 50,000 piece mailing was sent from Nashville into homes of voters in districts where commissioners had voted for the watered-down Lumpy version of the stormwater ordinance. The card targeted 4th District commissioners Lee Tramel and Richard Cate and listed their home numbers. – S. Clark

Obviously, she failed to see our update yesterday that reports Commissioners Phil Ballard and Jack Huddleston were targeted as well. You know it is real hard work gathering reports from blogs and websites and laying it out for print in a paper edition that E.W. Scripps prints for them.

So, Brian's Blog serves the real media and the tabloid "not real news" media. We are happy to help our community, even Sandra.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Who Is The Poster Family Of Nepotism?

The award goes to the Karns resident family named "The Cawood's"

Here is the facts and background that crowns the Cawood family as the "Poster Family of Nepotism"

First, there was Mark. He defeated a true public servant County Commissioner Jim Harbin after getting humiliated in a bid for State Representative against Charlie Severance in the 1980's. His brother former Roane County Attorney "Chris Cawood" served a brief stint as State Representative from Roane County and got into some legal trouble for actions involving his legal practice in Roane County. He then moved back into Knox County's Cawood District. Mark was again humiliated countywide in his failed bid to oust Knox County Property Assessor Parkey Strader in the early 1990's. Mark even utilized a campaign dirty trick or two that backfired in his humiliating thumping at the ballot box.

In December 2006, Mark voted to get his second wife (Sharon) a job in the Juvenile Court Clerk's office. A similar job that he had in 1998, when he had to resign from the General Sessions Court Clerk's office when he was exposed for double dipping.

Then Mark Cawood got dumped out of his seat by the TN Supreme Court on January 12, 2007. He then frantically went to looking for himself a job and became a bailiff in Knox County, prior to his vacating the Commission seat.

He then lobbied and cut deals to put his wife into the Cawood commission seat. Then in July 2007, Brian's Blog exposed her inattendance in performing her job in the Juvenile Court Clerk's position. In August of 2007, she resigned her position with the Juvenile Court Clerk's office after having been exposed.

With one credible Republican candidate announced (Matthew Jones) against her and several more candidates expected to announce as Democrats and Independents. The Cawoods are trying to determine how to keep the check in the family. The answer. Have your brother /brother in law run by his legal name Fredrick C. Cawood, not by the name in the news from Roane County "Chris Cawood".

This way. When Sharon is defeated in the primary, the check has the ability to stay in the family. It is still possible for Mrs. Cawood the mother of Mark and Fredrick to run as a Green Party candidate.

So, when you are looking for pictures to put on the poster of nepotism. It is the family photograph of the Cawood's.

Admirals Visit Bearden

O.k. I am not going to pour salt into the wounds of the team that Farragut beat last night. Why? For several reasons, One I know allot of the student athletes at Bearden and they come from good families. Second, a couple of bloggers (she is located here) and (he is located over here) were there last night and they have been nice to me over the years when others haven't. Their daughter is in the band and dad was very proud of her last night. (Hey, Cathy I tried to get the young photographer with the professional lens to swap his camera for the one Doug had. The kid said he would do it today.)

I missed the first half due to a family commitment. I attended halftime to be with my friend Commission Chairman Scott Moore and his lovely better half as Chairman Moore presented a $500 check to the Bearden High School football boosters in memory of former Bearden High School football Coach Bill Wilson to help toward the construction of Bearden's newly proposed football field house. He also presented a $500 check to Farragut High School football boosters to continue to help them with the programs assisting their student athletes.

I stayed for all the third quarter, as Bearden began to make a couple of drives down the field adding more points to the board. I was getting tired and wearing a suit was not very comfortable. So, I left listening to the game on WFIV 105.3 FM (Farragut's Independent Voice). I made a couple of quick stops and got home and was finishing up some work and listened to the remaining portion of the game. After two overtimes. Farragut won 35-28.

Congratulations to both teams. I worry about Bearden every time Farragut plays them. Because eventually we are apt to get beat.

Heck, Bearden won the canned food drive collecting 94 pounds of food per student. That is AWESOME, baby!

Concrete People and Their Campaign

O.k. a few days ago, I posted this about an anonymous postcard that is being mailed. They mailed to me, a non fourth district voter. I have now discovered that in addition to Commissioners Lee Tramel and Richard Cate. Commissioners Phil Ballard and Jack Huddleston have been targeted by this postcard.
Why is this significant? Because Commissioner Ballard voted AGAINST concrete pipe but for the ordinance.

I had contacted Cortney Piper and her organization TN Clean Water Network is not behind the card. Causing me to speculate that it is a product of the concrete people. With Commissioner Ballard's vote record, it is now obvious that it is the concrete people. What do they stand to gain from such scare tactics? An exclusive non compete demand for material. It is about the money and not having to compete in our free market economy.

All Commissioners should now see the devil in the details on this one.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Sewer Meeting Last Night at Carter (My old community)

I attended The Development Corporation meeting about sewer options for the Midway Business Park and Southeast Knox County. Here's the deal. The Midway Business Park could invest $4.0 million dollars and construct an on site treatment facility. Or they can take that $4.0 million dollars and give it to KUB (Knoxville Utilities Board) and KUB could construct a Waste Water Treatment Facility for all of Southeast Knox County that would include the Midway Business Park for $9.5 - $13.0 million dollars.

I believe it is tax dollars better spent to construct a Waste Water Treatment Plant. Because if they only spend the $4.0 million dollars on an on site treatment facility and then in 10 years they have to build a Waste Water Treatment Facility it will be $4.0 million dollars wasted.

It is better to plan and be forward thinking about the greater community, then with only being concerned with the here and now. Decisions need to be made for our future generations, not the instant gratification here and now crowd.

BTW, one man that served the role of political opportunist got up and made his typical gotcha comments/questions. Mike Edwards gets the award for the best one liner last night in response to a question from Bob Wolfenbarger. He said "Bob, one day you may get your Perry Mason moment. But, NO." Wolfenbarger was trying to connect the President of the Chamber / Development Corporation to the allegations that have plagued Cynthia Finch.

The most interesting thing about Bob Wolfenbarger is that he isn't from Midway or even Southeast Knox County. He resides in the City of Knoxville, in the Alice Bell community. It is a reasonable assumption that residing in the Alice Bell community, he has KUB sewer service. Why wouldn't he want the same thing for the Midway / Southeast Knox County citizens that he enjoys?

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stormwater People and Their Campaign

UPDATE: I contacted Cortney Piper, this card is not a product of the TN Clean Water Network. It would then appear that it may be a product of the concrete pipe people. We need disclosure on this.

Original Post: I received a very nice full color postcard with several scare tactic pictures on the front and on the back a message telling me that is not to late to contact the Commissioners and tell them that we need the strongest and most durable storm drains.

It gave me the contact information for my Commissioners. The card gave me Lee Tramel's home and office number and Richard Cate's home number. The only problem is that I do not live and/or vote in the Fourth district.

It is really sad when organizations and people spend so much money on this grassroots type campaign and then screw it up.

So if they don't know how to simply identify people in the right district. How do they know the right material to be placed under our roads?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good Riddance

Last night, Tennessee has one less inmate in its prison system. Interesting sidebar from this execution. "But the lawyers claimed the method should be declared unconstitutional because it's cruel and unusual punishment." It was cruel and unusual treatment for him to kill his three sons and their half sister because he couldn't work out his differences with his ex-wife. Not whether he was killed by "Ole Sparky" or by lethal injection. It is good to see that Ole Sparky is still working after all these years.

The truly sad part is that as state taxpayers we put him up for the last 10 years. Hopefully, the mother of the four kids can now have peace, knowing that he is gone and the payment for his crime has been paid.

Congratulations to Karl Dean

Nashville elected a new Mayor yesterday. They rejected the longtime, run for every position available Democrat Bob Clement. Congratulations Nashville and Congratulations Karl Dean.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two of The Liberal Blog Contributor's Get It Wrong

First, Chad Tindell reported that no one from the Mayor's office was present at the Commission meeting, except John Troyer. I sat about three or four rows behind CBT and his lovely wife. I counted at least 6 employees of the County Mayor's office present in the Main Assembly Room.

Now, the "reporter" Sandra Clark said that the Mayor's office had to have leaked the audit to her employer E.W. Scripps Knoxville News-Sentinel. That wasn't true as usual for S.Clark. the County Mayor's office did not receive the final report until 6:25 p.m. in sealed envelopes personally given to them by one Richard Walls.

It would have helped Mr. Walls for him to have given it to them an hour or two before the meeting because they could have warned him that he was about to violate Federal law in disclosing Todd Cook's Social Security number. The copy that I obtained from Mr. Walls staff had the Social Security number revealed.

How could someone that has been the Independent County Auditor for several years do such sloppy, careless work as to violate Federal law? Will there be outrage from the Commissioners to have Walls resign or reimburse the county for his careless disregard for the law?

Knoxville's Sunsphere - Biography of a Landmark is Out and Available

You read about the book here last month and here yesterday. I received emails from readers asking. Where do I buy a copy? Here are the immediate answers.

I can buy copies now at the office of the Knoxville/Knox County Focus newspaper, the Focus building is located at the intersection of Broadway and Cedar Lane in Fountain City (across the street from the duck pond)

Copies are also available at the East Tennessee Historical Center or email Martha, here.

Here is Martha's immediate Media and book signing schedule:

Tomorrow, Wednesday September 12, 2007 The Knoxville Woman's Club luncheon; book signing

On Friday September 14, 2007; Market Square Mall; book signing 6 p.m. (The Isa Infante for Mayor Rally will be held at the same time; the square is open to the public for all vendors)

Monday, Sept. l7, 4:30 p.m. The Phil Show on FM 100.3. Phil is the man!

Tuesday, September 18 at 4 p.m Martha will be a guest on WBIR's Style TV Show.

Sunday, Sept. 23, WKVL a.m. 850 Martha will be a guest on the Salute America with Wild Bill.

Brian's Blog will continue to keep you updated.

Never Forget

Monday, September 10, 2007

Knoxville's Sunsphere - Biography of a Landmark is Out and Available

You read about the book here last month. Martha Rose Woodward got the first shipment of books today. I was pleased to purchase my copy and Martha signed it for me. I purchased mine at the same time as my good friend and former Knoxville Mayor Randy Tyree purchased his.

You know what if today's Democrats were like Randy Tyree. The world would be a much better place.

O.k. back to Martha and Knoxville's Sunsphere Biography of a Landmark. Send her an email or visit her website, make your immediate plans to purchase a copy or four.

I attended the County Commission meeting this evening immediately after purchasing my copy and caught myself and others caught me reading the book during the Commission meeting. After getting home, I am still reading it. It is a fascinating story and I am pleased to have known several of the individuals that were instrumental in the design and construction of the Sunsphere on a personal and a professional basis.

Martha Rose Woodward, you did good. I look forward to sharing with all my blog readers a complete review of the book when I complete it.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

With the Knox County One Question Report on the Front Page Today. Is It Time To Break These Back Out?

KNS Gets It Wrong

It is unusal for Knoxville's flagship paper to get something wrong. They normally leave that up to their little cousin paper the Slopper.

However, I feel that it is neccesary to point out even one small error in Rebecca Ferrar's story (story located here) in todays edition. It is only fair and consistent to point out errors on everybody.

Here is the paragraph that contains the error. Commissioner Craig Leuthold, who was not term-limited and won’t run again till 2010, said he’s looking forward to the release of Monday’s audit and other audits of the Ragsdale administration’s use of purchasing cards and a hospitality fund that received private donations for public events.

Now, surely the News-Sentinel understands the issue of term limits. If they do than they will know that Commissioner Craig Leuthold is unable to run again for County Commission. He was first elected in 2002 and re-elected in 2006. So, with two consecutive terms served, he is unable to "run again till 2010."

The Tabloid Bully Editor Girl Changes Her Report Again

Over on the liberal blog, I challenged tabloid bully editor girl in the fact that she was not reporting all the announced candidates for County Clerk. The tabloid bully editor girl said that she wasn't reporting Mike McMillan's name because she didn't believe he would run and for everyone to check back in 2008.

Well, it didn't take her long to change her tune and I was right. So, you don't have to wait and check back with her in 2008. This excerpt from under a photograph in tomorrow's edition of the West Side Slopper says. "..............attended the Scott Moore reception. All served with Moore on Knox County Commission, and the three held the longest tenure when term limits were implemented. Tindell is serving as interim clerk until the next election. Other candidates are Mike McMillan and Foster Arnett Jr. on the Republican side and George Stooksbury, Democrat."

The tabloid bully editor girl and tabloid bully girl want you to believe others can't tell the truth. Heck this is SOP for them. I am happy to continue serving as the Truth Squad and exposing them for the lies and gossip they print every week.

I am happy to serve as a reliable source for them.

Tabloid Bully Girl Likes Her Source(s)

This from tomorrow's "tabloid bully girl". She admits to name calling and giggles about the subject dating back to 2001. What changed for tabloid bully girl in August 2006? He decided to talk with her and become a source for a three part series that she supposedly authored last August. A series that was plagued with errors and omissions and violations of the Journalist Code of Ethics. So many errors and violations in a third of one part that the Shopper published a four page "set the record straight" document from me.

Last week, I simply posted a link to another Knoxville blog that published the email. I did not receive the email from Newhouse, obviously I was not in his POS address book. I did receive an email from him after the blog post went up. In the email he requested that I remove the link. I replied to him explaining why it was necessary to link to it and to make it a post.

However, it appears that with his response that he is taking clients away from POS. It could open a whole new world of controversy. In employment situations like his status, it is customary to sign a non-compete contract. I have been unable to verify that this is the case in his individual situation. However, in his email to me, he indicates that he and his partner were the first two individuals to leave POS since the 90's.

If there is any new information on this situation, I will post it. If not it is just SOP (standard operating procedure) for tabloid bully girl. No surprises there. Now is there.

Friday, September 07, 2007

The Admirals School the Mountaineers

Tonight was homecoming for the Farragut Admiral student body. The Mountaineers of Heritage High School in Blount County traveled out of the mountains to be schooled in a most appropriate manner. The Admirals defeated the Mountaineers 38-6.

Next up, the Battle of West Knoxville. Farragut -vs- that school to the East at Bearden. Can the Bulldogs pull out a win for the first time in a very longtime? or Will the Admirals continue the ownership of all bragging rights in West Knox County?

Knox County School Supervisor States: We're Not Going To Be Able To Help Every Child

Last evening on WVLT, a story (locate the story here) aired about toxic mold in Knox County Schools. Mold has been located at West Valley Middle, A.L. Lotts Elementary, Farragut Primary, Farragut Intermediate and West Hills Elementary.

In the story, the Knox County Maintenance Supervisor in charge of air and environmental conditions in the classrooms said. "With 50,000 and something students, I guess we have, there is going to be a small percentage that we're not going to be able to help." Wrong answer.

Is the Knox County School System now on record that every child doesn't matter? At least with one supervisory employee, they are. With his response and his demeanor on camera it is clear that he has no problem leaving one or more children behind.

With Rob Riley guessing the number of students instead of verifying the student numbers with the attendance office. Does this demonstrate that instead of verifying the mold level in classrooms, he guesses the mold level?

Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Question.

The administrator of the liberal blog has a comment in the holding cell of Brian's Blog. I am perplexed as to what to do. 1) Go ahead and publish his comment because Brian's Blog is a better blog and doesn't ban individual commenters. or 2) Do not publish his comment because he has banned any defense of me or my blog team at his little small mutual satisfaction group.

Send your votes via comments or by sending an email to the email address on the profile. Thanks.

Still Making News a Few Days Later

A day or two ago, I linked to a new blog in Knoxville. That blog shared an email from Washington, D.C. about the new employment for a former Knox County employee. Well, now a reputable publication has written about it. Roll Call, the Washington Insider publication since 1955 has an article in the September 6, 2007 Shop Talk about the email.

Here is the link, however you must subscribe to read the article. the title of this Shop Talk is "The Skunk at the Garden Party." All that I will say is that it is similar to the same information that Knoxville Unwrapped had a few days ago.

The Prodigal Comes Home

My friend Michael English has a book and a new CD out detailing his life. The ups and the downs and the God of Heaven that rescues a sinner in the midst of life.

Check out this video commercial about the book and the CD.

It Is Official. Here Is President Fred's Announcement

Click to play

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

For The Democrats That Read Brian's Blog, We Offer This Endorsement

For the Democrats that read this blog. We recommend that you consider supporting this candidate for County Commission in the Second District. The other Democrat is not widely supported throughout the district and is not open to all view points within the Second district.

Fifth District County Commission Seat C Race

The Knox County Commission seat in the Fifth district Seat C previously held by Republican John C. Griess and now being represented by Republican and former fifth district Commissioner Frank Leuthold has generated no interest. That is beginning to change.

Frank Leuthold has pledged to not run for this seat in the 2008 election cycle.

To this date no Treasurer appointments have been filed for Seat C in the Fifth district. On September 14, one week from this Friday, qualifying petitions will be given out by the Knox County Election Commission.

The first probable "testing the waters" candidate that will obtain a qualifying petition is John Emison, President of Citizens for Home Rule.

Breaking News: The Kim Kallenberg Hearing Has Been Postponed

The Knox County School Board hearing on the employment status of Kim Kallenberg has been postponed. The hearing originally scheduled for September 25 and 26, 2007 has been postponed and will be re-scheduled within 4 - 8 weeks of the originally scheduled date.

Fred Thompson Will Announce

at midnight. Right here.

Dr. D. James Kennedy Passed Into His Eternal Rest

Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder and senior pastor for 48 years of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (CRPC) in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., passed away peacefully in his sleep at approximately 2:15 a.m. at his home with his wife and daughter by his bedside, following complications from a cardiac event last December. He was 76.

Viewing and funeral arrangements will be announced shortly. A legacy Web site, located here, has been developed to pay tribute to the life and faith of Dr. Kennedy.

This quote is from Dr. D. James Kennedy on the website for when the time comes, as it did this morning. “Now, I know that someday I am going to come to what some people will say is the end of this life. They will probably put me in a box and roll me right down here in front of the church, and some people will gather around, and a few people will cry. But I have told them not to do that because I don’t want them to cry. I want them to begin the service with the Doxology and end with the Hallelujah chorus, because I am not going to be there, and I am not going to be dead. I will be more alive than I have ever been in my life, and I will be looking down upon you poor people who are still in the land of dying and have not yet joined me in the land of the living. And I will be alive forevermore, in greater health and vitality and joy than ever, ever, I or anyone has known before.” D. James Kennedy, Ph.D.

Thanks to The Church Report magazine for this Breaking News.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Interesting Post Over At A New Blog

UPDATE 9/5/07 10:09 p.m. The liberal blog has linked to this post. In response I sent the liberal blog administrator the following email. I am posting it here for you my readers and the 6 or 7 from his blog to read it as well. When you allow a lie to go unchallenged it becomes the truth. I will not allow his and the tabloid bully girls lies to become the truth.

Obviously continuing to reference my blog is helping your little blog, with your traffic. You got it wrong. Tyler only assisted in my bid to be Chairman. He was never associated with me or me with him in any other political endeavors. As you may recall I was overwhelmingly supported that no one challenged me for Chairman, unlike your boy Chadwick who was opposed for his election as Chairman.

The list that you and others like to say Tyler got. Is the same list that I put in every elected Republican officials hands. Much to the dismay of Chad. However, I viewed the list as property of the party and elected party officials should have had the list and they have had it within one week of my being elected Chairman. BTW, I simply linked to a new local blog entitled Knoxville unwrapped. So I didn't post the email as you inaccurately proclaimed. It looks like the tabloid bully girls are rubbing off on you, Randy.


This will be posted at Brian's Blog for the benefit my readers and those 6 or 7 from your blog that click over.

This new entry into the Knoxville blogosphere is interesting. I have been checking it to see what kind of information the blog poster is sharing. Today's blog post is quite interesting.

Wonder what the tabloid bully girls think about it. I am giving them to much credit for thinking. They were huddled together in the back corner of a restaurant in North Knoxville today, whispering to each other. "If we only had brains, if we only had brains. Just think what we could do we if we only had brains."

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Pit Bull and A Couple of KPD Officers

I am sure that you have seen the stories (Thursday 8/30/2007, Friday 8/31/07 and Saturday 9/1/07) about the Pit Bull that was shot by KPD Officer Scott Coffey.

In a review of previous stories it appears that this is not the first time Officer Coffey has been in the news.

Officer Scott Coffey was the officer that pulled his Chief Phil Keith over in a traffic stop following Chief Keith's dining at a North Knoxville restaurant, where he enjoyed an O'Doul's a non alcholic beer. Source here.

Officer Scott Coffey was also placed on administrative leave as a result of the death of Andre Stenson. Source here.

Is Commissioner Lambert Out of Control?

Breaking News for the liberal blog readers that have been directed here. This afternoon the two tabloid bully girls were huddled together in the back of a restaurant in North Knoxville. They were overheard to be muttering to one another. "If we only had a brain, if we only had a brain. What could we do if we had a brain?" Then Betty was seen leaving in this new outfit.

UPDATE 9/3/07 11:11 a.m.: Commissioner Lambert has called this morning and wanted to know why he was not allowed to comment prior to this post. I have offered him an opportunity to respond. I told him to submit a response in email form and I will post it. I feel confident that the Brian's Blog team member captured this story as accurately as possible. The team member discussed this incident with several eyewitness sources. Commissioner Lambert asked who the team member and witnesses were. As with all posts, they remain protected as sources and contributors to the blog. I had to cut my conversation with the Commissioner short as I was out exercising at the time. More information as it develops.

Original Post 9/3/07 6:27 a.m.: According to several sources who personally witnessed the incident, Commissioner Lumpy Lambert’s behavior was totally inappropriate last Friday night after the taping of Politics Knox, a weekly program which airs on CTV, Channel 12. Lambert, who was present in the studios as a part of the behind the scenes crew for the show, which is hosted by City Councilman, Steve Hall, remained in the building after others on that crew had left. The commissioner approached Jamie Rowe, a local citizen as she was about to appear on DTV to speak about the issue of the Storm Water Ordinance and became very argumentative.

Mrs. Rowe was invited to be a guest on the show by Mark Harmon, the show’s often controversial host, who has followed the issue closely. At several times in the conversation, witnesses reported that they heard the commissioner raise his voice, and speak disrespectfully to the unsuspecting citizen.

"Commissioner Lambert was not involved in the DTV Show," said one source. "It was unclear as to why he continued to hang around. Mrs. Rowe was there as a service to the community, not to talk to Mr. Lambert."

Mrs. Rowe was sitting in the waiting room, when Mr. Lambert came into the room, waving his finger at her, telling her she was wrong, and he had the correct information. Others in the room asked Lumpy to calm down, as he was backing Jamie Rowe into a corner, both in words and physically. Mrs. Rowe was reportedly so upset she could not think straight. She was blind-sided by the over the top behavior of Lumpy.

Someone needs to tell the former used car salesman that he is not the be all and end all of this world.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Local Liberal Blog is Against Elections

The head of the liberal blog has just posted a thread, in which he is opposed to Primary elections. Here is what it wrote.

Time to end taxpayer funded primaries?
Submitted by R. Neal on Sun, 2007/09/02 - 7:54am.
Remind me again why taxpayers should have to continue funding this nonsense?

I guess he wants to annoint a King or Queen that he and his few minions support and screw the majority opinion within this or any community. But then again that is the only way his Democrat candidates can get into office.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Mountain Dew... Did You Know?

Knoxville has been my home. I am a native. I didn't move here late in life or late in childhood. I am a local. If I ever knew this little tidbit, I didn't remember it. However, the Vols fumbled and Cal scored. The TV is on in the office and I am surfing the net and ran across (WE JUST SCORED, I will keep blogging) this historical (we have tied it up) nugget about Knoxville and Mountain Dew.

"The rumors are true. Mountain Dew was born way back in the hills of Tennessee in the 1940s. The name Mountain Dew was first trademarked by two brothers, Barney and Ally Hartman, who ran a bottling plant in Knoxville. The Hartman's Mountain Dew, however, was a lemon-lime drink used as a mixer with whiskey." Source here.

I have certainly drank my fair share of Mountain Dew, never as a mixer with whiskey. However, now in my later years I have developed into a Diet Mountain Dew guy.

It seems Knoxville started it, but Johnson City perfected it. Seems appropriate since Appy State in Boone, NC just a short drive from Johnson City beat Michigan today.

Here is the remaining history of Mountain Dew.

The first sketches of Willy the Hillbilly that adorned the Mountain Dew bottle were created in 1948 by John Brichetto. Tri-City Beverage in Johnson City became the first Mountain Dew franchise in 1954. Bill Bridgforth, who joined Tri-City Beverage in 1958 as plant manager, is credited with perfecting the flavor of Mountain Dew as we know it today.

The old red-and-white labels feature a hillbilly shooting at a revenuer fleeing an outhouse with a pig sitting in the corner. Under the Mountain Dew lettering on the bottle, there are names of individual bottlers, sellers, and towns. The names on the bottles are intended to make the product feel like the illegally made liquor cooked up in mountain stills.In fact, the name Mountain Dew is slang for "moonshine."

Let's go get some Mountain Dew! It'll tickle your innards!

We Believe, Do You?

We Will Win, Tonight!! Yeah, Baby!

The Two Mike's Are In For The Knox County 2008 Election

Thursday of this week, Former Republican Knox County Trustee Mike Lowe has announced he will run for Knox County Property Assessor in the February 2008 Republican Primary and then face whoever the KnoxDems put up in August. In the Republican Primary, he will be facing County Commissioner Phil Ballard. Ballard announced several months ago and has already started running radio commercials.

Also, on Tuesday of this week at the Eighth District Republican Club former Republican County Commissioner Mike McMillian announced that he will run for the Republican nomination for County Clerk. This is the second time that McMillian has announced his intention. The first time at the Halls Republican Club.

He will be facing former Knoxville Police Department PR guy Foster Arnett and County Commission Chairman Scott Moore. The winner will then face Deputy County Clerk George Stooksbury. Stooksbury has allot of bi-partisan support. For those of you lurking from the liberal blog, bi-partisan means Republican and Democrat support.

The tabloid bully editor girl didn't believe McMillian's first announcement, will she believe the second? Only the mass in the area that normally occupies a brain in the tabloid bully editor girls head knows.